HV050 Hose Vacum Generator

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1/2" (3/8")

Suction Hose injector system

Every high pressure water pump is potential vacuum pump. Just connect a TX-HV deceive to the end your pressure hose.

The water pumped into the suction head sucks up liquids, sludge, sand, small derbies like stones and gravel etc.

You point the 7 meter long hose to where ever you you want to flow mit. Ideal to fast empty flooded cellars, pit shafts. etc.

The suction venturi efficiency various depending on the hight difference to breach. Under ideal circumstances the output is as much as 12 times the volume pumped into the deceive. A 40 lpm pump can move ca. 400 litre per minute. The exit hose is standard 7 meter long with ID of 38 mm.